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a more than 20 story tower that connects to the MARTA transit station. However it’s this latest phase of the development that would usher in the most sweeping changes to Dunwoody, a city that formed in 2008. For decades the biggest economic driver in the area was probably Perimeter Mall, a typical suburban shopping center. State Farm will change that. It will eclipse in size other high profile corporate office projects over the past several decades, including Scientific Atlanta’s 1.5 million square foot development and The Home Depot Inc.’s 1.6 million square foot campus. State Farm also underscores an important shift in corporate office development: today more companies want to be in dense urban mixed use environments where they can more easily recruit and retain their most talented employees. More Atlanta suburban cities are starting to embrace urban development characteristics, but none on the scale of the State Farm project. "The replacement of extensive surface parking with a vibrant, integrated mixed

The Confusion Over DCIS Imagine that you go in for a regular mammogram and are told, happily, that you do not have breast cancer. But, your
Cheap nike jerseys doctor says, you do have a significant risk factor for invasive cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), sometimes also called "stage zero" cancer. That means abnormal cells are lodged in one or more of the breast ducts the "highways" connecting the milk producing lobes to the nipples but they haven’t yet escaped to invade the other tissues in the breast. Will they ever do so? Maybe, maybe not. It’s not hard to see why a diagnosis of DCIS is confusing and frustrating. On one hand, you’re told not to worry; you do not have invasive cancer and most likely never will (the 10 year survival rate is almost 100 percent, with treatment). On the other, you’re told you need to have
NFL jerseys the cells surgically removed and, in some cases, may need radiation. So really, it’s not so far off from what you’d go through if you did have cancer. And even though DCIS is almost

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