Independent Choreographers is an association of freelance choreographers. We are working in the Danish dance environment, where we create performances under varying production forms.

Independent Choreographers is a political voice and professional forum for its members and plays an important role amongst upcoming choreographers in Denmark today.

Independent Choreographers aims to create political attention to the working situation of choreographers and to strengthen the position of contemporary dance and choreography within Danish cultural policy.

Independent Choreographers was founded in 1991 and has been the first of its kind in Denmark. We have since been the meeting point for choreographers who actively work on developing dance as an independent artform.

Independent Choreographers is represented in various boards and committees within the dance environment. Moreover, we are in continuous dialog with the funding- and political authorities.

As a member of Independent Choreographers, you get the opportunity to discuss and have influence on political agendas, to share and broaden your work perspective and to join a professional network

Any professional choreographer can become a member of Independent Choreographers.

For more information please contact: De Frie Koreografer/Independent Choreographers, Pasteursvej 14, 2. sal, DK-1799 KĂžbenhavn V.
Email: de.frie.koreografer@gmail.com, Telephone: Tali Razga: +45 26 84 82 39